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Orthotics, or orthoses, are devices that correct foot and ankle disorders. More than just a shoe insert for arch support, orthotics are custom-made to correct a variety of foot conditions by redistributing the pressure in your foot.

There are several types of orthotics: foot pads, shoe inserts, heel inserts, and ankle braces.

Foot pads

This simple orthotic device is placed under the foot or in the shoe to relieve pain in the front of the foot.

Shoe inserts

This versatile orthotic treatment helps a variety of foot problems. Shoe inserts are soft or firm and custom-made for your body and condition.

Heel inserts

This type of orthotic is worn around the heel to support the heel and ankle. Heel inserts relieve foot pain; help prevent tendonitis and sprains; reduce stress on the ankle.

Ankle braces

Orthotic braces are put on your foot before you put your shoe on. Often used to treat conditions like tendonitis and ankle arthritis, these custom-made orthotics provide stability and support.


Custom-made orthotics correct a variety of foot conditions without surgery:

  • Bunions

  • Corns and calluses

  • Flat feet or high arches

  • Hammertoe

Orthotics can be especially beneficial when you have arthritis or diabetic foot conditions.


During your appointment, Dr. Galoyan reviews your foot symptoms, performs a physical examination of your feet, and conducts a custom biomechanical analysis.

Biomechanical analysis is an evaluation of how your body moves. By studying how you move, Dr. Galoyan determines alignment and structural issues that lead to foot and ankle injuries.

Your biomechanical analysis involves studying your walk (gait analysis). Depending on your condition and activity level, it might also include a running analysis, workplace analysis, or other biomechanical studies to identify alignment issues.  

When your evaluation is complete, Dr. Galoyan measures or takes a mold of your foot to create your custom orthotic. A follow-up appointment is scheduled for your orthotic fitting to ensure the fit is correct and functions effectively.

If adjustments are required, Dr. Galoyan can often make them while you’re in the office.

To learn more about custom-made orthotics and biomechanical analysis, call Metropolitan Podiatry, or schedule an appointment online.

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